Personal Services

Massage Therapy

Relaxation Journey Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Energy Balancing Massage
Aromatherapeutic Massage
Reiki Massage

Energy Healing Sessions

Pattern Release
Energy Clearing
Soul Retrieval

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Remote Reiki 1 Attunements
For those who are not able to attend a class but would still benefit from being able to channel Reiki. This remote attunement does not qualify a person to practice Reiki professionally. It is intended for a person in need or a caregiver of someone in need. Click here for more info.

Other Services

Community Ceremony
Participate in group or individual ceremonies designed to release energies no longer serving you, invite something new, or to honor your current situation.

Space Clearing
Cleanse your home or property to bring forth its lighter, happier essence through a space clearing ceremony.

Meditation & Intuition Skills
Meditate or enhance your intuitive skills with experiential workshops & weekly practice. See the calendar at Sacred Pathways Sarasota for more information.

Reiki Classes & Shares
Give yourself the gift of self-healing. Learn Reiki today. Click here to see that information

Reiki is growing in strength and in popularity. It is a loving, earth-based, gentle, and easy healing modality where life force energy is channeled through a practitioner to the person being healed. This form of hands-on healing originated in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 1900′s. Reiki can be used on yourself, your family, friends, pets or your environment.

In the first level, Kelly will attune you (connect you) to the healing energy of Reiki. She will then teach you how to give a simple Reiki treatment to yourself or others.  In the second level, you will receive additional techniques and attunements that will further enhance your connection to Reiki. You’ll also learn the symbols and how to use them. This includes being able to give distance Reiki. In the advanced class you will learn more specialized techniques for healing and how to create a Reiki crystal grid. Finally in the master class, you will learn how to give attunements yourself. Classes generally include a manual, lecture, discussion, attunements and plenty of time for practice and playing with the Reiki energies.

A Reiki class from Kelly is much more than just a Reiki Class.  She will assist you in developing your intuitive skills and your innate ability to heal. These skills are further enhanced in her Shamanic Reiki Workshop.

Part of Kelly’s ongoing service to the her students and the Reiki community is providing a monthly Reiki Share where anyone with Reiki experience can come and practice their skills with others. There is also a monthly gathering for those new to Reiki. It is for those who need or want a healing and for those who want to ask questions.

Note: Services are not intended to replace seeking medical advice, diagnoses, therapies or treatments from a licensed physician, psychologist or counselor.