Equinox Event – 1-Day Retreat

March 20



The vernal equinox is the one date when we are emerging from the winter solstice time when day and night are equal, halfway to summer solstice. The equinox is an auspicious time to spend a day in retreat from the everyday world and immerse yourself in meditation, reflection, and fellowship with other peaceful souls.

Please plan to join us and celebrate the coming of spring with a day that will include Kundalini Yoga and meditations, Reiki healing attunements, art projects for the soul, spiritual music, and fellowship with like-minded souls.

We will begin the day at 9 AM and wrap up around 5:30 PM. The door is locked during meditations so please be on time. Space is limited, please RSVP by email to kelly@starlightworker.com.

The price includes all supplies and simple healthy snacks. Bring a light lunch or simple fare available nearby.

Place: Sacred Pathways Sarasota, 2831 Ringling Blvd, Suite B-108.

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Journey to Another Time and Place


Entering the trail was like embarking upon any other promising to meander through a grove of giants. Over time, the mind quiets. The breath settles, and the conversation ends. The feet keep moving, exploring the ground. The eyes watch the trail and take in the grandeur of the forest before us. The trail winds around hills and before we know it, this grove of giants, lying in a national forest, was unlike any other from our experience. Grouping after grouping of towering giants, we walked with a lightness of step, upon a pine needle softness. Suddenly overcome by the beauty and sheer grace of majestic group after majestic group of trees whose trunks girths were unknown, we feel we have left Earth as we know it. The sights, the quietness, the smells, the dreaminess led to the knowledge that at that moment the size of life before us dwarfed our own understanding. This usually goes unnoticed, this grove showed us our smallness. Leaving that section of trail forever burned into our hearts, we stop, turn, and look back between two final monsters standing guard with the sudden realization that we had crossed the portal back into our “real” world. The gradual going in unnoticed, this sudden exit shocked us. Looking at my partner, we utter the words “Whaaaa” with the thoughts “What just happened? Where did we go? When can I go back?” Speechless. We pause. Awe and wonder. Hearts filled.

I wrote this while reflecting on a trail my husband I took out west, in the Sequoia National Forest. I fill with joy knowing I had this experience. I now consider the smallness we felt on that hike. I am humbled by the thought that my actions may not matter much on the grand scale. Except, I know better than that because I also acknowledge the ease with which forests can be gone with the strike of a match. So, I may be small in comparison to the whole, and my individual action may not mean much. Yet, I can be that spark that sets the whole forest ablaze if I choose. The trail told me I have to go inside to another time and another place to do that. In that place, all is healed. Our journey to wholeness is essential. Our journey to healing is imperative for it is in healing ourselves that others and the Earth are treated and that the whole is healed. In truth, it is then we discover that it was never in need of healing. The forest told me that too. Enjoy your journey.

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Grand Opening

January 27 @ 12:00 pm4:00 pm


Co-Creators of Sacred Pathways Sarasota

Grand Opening Celebration

The Short Version:

Dedication and speaker at noon followed by free chair massage, Reiki, readings, and snacks. Meet our bodyworkers, healers, and yogi. Giveaways and closing at 4:00pm. Parking available.

The Long Version:

The co-creators of Sacred Pathways Sarasota, Kelly and John Stewart, invite you to attend the grand opening celebration of a new facility dedicated to helping others find a path to healing and wholeness through Lightwork. Below is a schedule of events and a listing of Lightworkers available to give you an experience to remember for free. Throughout, Kelly and John will be on-hand to answer questions, share experiences, entertain you, and explain future plans. Snacks and giveaways provided.


11:00 AM – Pre-Show – Meet our Yogi

  • Jiwan Shakti , mantra musician and Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, will grace us with his original rendition of the Aquarian Sadhana.

12:00 PM – Dedication and Keynote Speaker

  • Kelly J. Stewart  of StarLightworker Healing & Massage is a licensed massage therapist, Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner, and a Reiki Master Teacher.
  • Dr. Janet Warfield – Consciousness educator and Author of SHIFT Change Your Words, Change Your World will share her perspective on words and how they affect our lives.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Mingle, experience, and share

Free chair massage, skin care samples, Reiki healings and readings.

  • Nikki Campbell, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner
  • Wendy Futch, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
  • Nanci Perrin, Reiki Angel
  • Gerlinde Townsley, Reiki Angel
  • Patti Spencer, Reiki Angel
  • Heather Swift, a highly intuitive reader, healer, and medium from Northern California, will help you come home to yourself.
  • Merissa Lovett joined by her sister Kirsten Lovett provide practical solutions with their unique combination of intuition and divination tools.

 4:00 PM – Closing and final giveaways


January 27
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Sacred Pathways Sarasota
2831 Ringling Blvd B-108
Sarasota, FL 34237 United States
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Radio Interview – All Business Media – What I do.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the All Business Media Radio show. It was fun and exciting to step outside my comfort zone and talk about what I do. You can listen in here. I announced the birth of Sacred Pathways Sarasota at the end. The birth is happening now!!


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Dreams Come True, so Dream BIG!

Dreams really do come true when we hold the vision long enough. I am pleased to announce that I finally found a new home for my growing healing practice. It is located at the Ringling Professional Center located at 2831 Ringling Boulevard, Suite B108. The new center will be named Sacred Pathways Sarasota and will be open for business in January of 2018.

The center is large enough to host small classes and workshops in addition to individual massage and healing sessions.  I plan to expand my offerings to include shamanic and intuitive skills, journaling, meditation workshops, consulting services, and continuing education for massage therapists. This is something I have dreamed about for a long time. In fact, it is one of the reasons my husband and I knew we were meant to be together. He will be joining me along with other lightworkers to help people find their path to healing and wholeness.

The grand opening celebration will be on January 27 from Noon to 4pm. Come meet some of our lightworker friends and enjoy some free goodies. The official invitation  and announcement will be posted by tomorrow – I hope!!

If you have a dream, keep it in your sights. You never know when it will come true. Even the big ones!



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Waiting, Trust, and Hurricane Irma

The past few years tormented me professionally. I’ve gone to school, become licensed as a massage therapist, and continued my education. I also went back to college to study Psychology. I had a professional office for a couple of years but could not figure out how to make that work in the way I wanted. The big dream kept eluding me. The wait is finally over. I can look back now and see the beauty in all that has transpired that led to now. My thought that the time was not right was correct. I am pleased to announce that I will be opening a new office in the coming months. The final clearing of the path came from Hurricane Irma.

My dearest mother-in-law, Camille, transitioned a year and a half ago at the ripe age of 100. She kept wondering why she was still alive as she was sharp in mind to the end. It was the body that gave out. Since that time my husband has been in the process of letting go – letting go of her and her “stuff.” She was a collector of things. There are still some things there. Once those are gone, he will sell the house. I learned earlier in this life to let people have their process no matter how long it takes. Gratefully, that process is coming to an end. I give partial credit to Hurricane Irma for that. I knew in my heart that we would be okay in Sarasota, Florida. However, we live close to the bay, and I could not stop the urge to run. It was a great spiritual conflict within myself. Where was my faith? Why didn’t I trust my knowing? The answer came the night of the storm.

On Saturday morning of the 9th of September, I convinced my husband that we needed to leave our home as it is close to the water. The hurricane was coming up our side of the coast of Florida, and I feared that it would go out into the Gulf and create a large storm surge. I knew we needed to leave before any winds picked up because we were taking our new trailer with us. A self-contained home to live in – if it didn’t blow away that is. Passing up invitations to stay with friends in Sarasota, we drove to Orlando to Camille’s home where my husband’s son currently resides. We parked the trailer in the driveway between buildings. It would be safe there. Everything left in the house reminded us of Camille. I knew she was there with us for this experience. The next day, a neighbor joined us just as the storm the size of Florida took hold. There are not many furnishings left, so we slept in Camille’s old room on her mattress. A first for anyone other than Camille.

Storm preparations complete, we didn’t have much to do but wait it out. Just as the winds picked up, I heard the metal mailbox slap once and only once. I knew that was my husband’s father coming to visit. He worked as a postman and transitioned in the mid-90s. He was telling us everything would be okay. Regardless, the night was hellish for me. The sound of the wind was incredible. We heard transformers explode and experienced flickering lights that kept going out and coming back on. Finally, at about 1:30 AM, they went off and stayed off. By late the next morning, the winds were dying down, and we had survived without incident. As it turns out, the storm was harsher in Orlando than Sarasota. Some large branches fell in the yard, and quite a few trees and power lines fell during the night in the neighborhood. The next day, we were much relieved to receive photos of our Sarasota yard from another neighbor. All our large trees were still standing. However, the most remarkable and tangible thing happened as the storm was ending. The mailbox slapped one more time, and only once. They were gone. Both of my husband’s parents retreated from the property together.

The storm is over; the storm debris pickup is occurring as I wrote this post. My neighbor has a tree to get down that is threatening to take out a fence and possibly land on our house, but there is always something. That is life. I can still trust my instinct. Even though I knew I would be okay here, I was meant to be in Orlando for the storm. I don’t have to question my faith or knowing anymore. Energetically, I feel cleansed and clear. I am ready for this next phase of life unencumbered by the “wait.” The time is now.

After the Storm

Just a little cleanup. We are truly blessed this was all that was needed.

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Here I am – Participating!

Participation is a key to harmony. I believe we all have the responsibility to participate in the changes that are coming about at this time. Old systems are falling away, and new ones have yet to emerge.

I voice support where I feel guided to do so. Recently, opportunities arose for me to participate in expressing my opinion about our country’s current state of affairs and the importance of not ignoring science. I am proud to say that I took part in the Women’s March in January of 2017 in support of our environment and equal rights. I also walked for Science in April of 2017 because knowledge-based decision making leads to good outcomes.

Experience has taught me there are two sides to every story and while things may look gloom and doom, there is a miracle waiting to happen if I pay attention and do not get caught up in the extreme emotions on either side.


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The Rear View Mirror on Summer Solstice

Owl totem came up two days ago in a reading my husband did for me during the beginning of our three-day solstice retreat. Today, the third and final day of our retreat, we headed to the beach for a walk in the energy of the sunrise, moonset, and full moon. I got into the car and looked in the rear view mirror. The photo below is exactly what I saw. A screech owl sitting on my neighbor’s mailbox.

Later in the morning, I wrote the poem below as a tribute to the screech owl who showed up for me. He stood his ground as I backed out of the drive. He is a reminder that we have tipped into light in a cycle that is bigger than the annual tip into darkness at the summer solstice. The time of dark is over. As loud as it may be, its time is passed.

Owl in Rear View

Owl as seen from rear view mirror.

Owl in the Rear View

 Your likeness comes to few

Spotlighted, silhouetted

To the dark we are wedded

Totem here gives sight

Knowing all is set right

As the dark tips into light.


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Oncology Massage in Sarasota

Part of the fun being a massage therapist brings is taking classes to meet CE (continuing education) requirements for license renewal. I met a lovely lady in Sarasota who was looking for a massage but would only receive it from a specially trained oncology massage therapist. That was enough for me to seek out this training.

I enjoyed the class and learned about cancer and its treatments. I learned when and how best to massage a person who is currently undergoing different kinds of treatments including chemotherapy. I feel confident that I won’t inflict additional harm on these poor souls.

Cancer survivors often don’t understand the long term impact of their treatments which are also a consideration for massage therapists. For example, once you’ve had radiation treatment there is an increased risk of brittleness in the bones of the surrounding area. This is important for a massage therapist with a strong elbow to know. Another significant risk is in store for those who have lymph nodes removed. Even one node removal reduces the body’s capacity to move liquid and therefore forever increases the chances of lymphedema, a serious swelling of the tissues, most commonly occurring in the legs or arms. A massage therapist needs to be aware of node removals so that proper pressure and body positioning is used during the massage.

If you have experienced cancer and its treatments, please know that you are safe with me. You too can benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic touch of massage. I will address all your needs. I’d love to hear about your experiences, if any, related to this topic.

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Best Massage Ever!

The best massage ever is always a good massage I have just received. Today would be that massage. I’ve had some good massages over the past few years and some not so nice. What made this one good? This therapist really listened to my needs and worked with me knowing that my initial body reactions saying “stay away” really meant something altogether different. My body needs to trust and this therapist was able to elicit that trust from me even though my first reactions were to guard and be ticklish. I only hope the massage which I will be giving in return next week will be half as good as the one I got today.

I often feel I came out of massage school with a bit of body trauma. All those newbies are just trying to get it right. Aye yi yi! It doesn’t help that I am very sensitive to a person’s intention while they massage and that skill sometimes comes later for new therapists. Some may never acquire it and I believe those therapists don’t make in the long run. Think of the word therapist for starters. It’s defined as a person who is skilled in a particular kind of therapy. This word might conjure up a psychologist rather than a massage. And I would expect that any kind of therapist would have a knack for being sensitive to a client’s needs. Unfortunately, sometimes this skill has to be learned as not everyone comes by it naturally. That is partly why we call what we do a “practice”. My body just doesn’t like being experimented on. It let me know quite clearly it wasn’t happy.

So, how can you ensure that your massage will be good? Price or place isn’t always an indicator of quality. Most massage therapists I know will tell you they aren’t in it for the big money anyway although tips can be good at a top notch facility. A desire to help people and a love of massaging bodies is important, but this too doesn’t necessarily mean the massage will be good. Lots of experience and a clean facility are good indicators. If possible, start by asking around. Word of mouth is often the best way to gain insight into a therapist’s ability. Be sure the therapist is licensed to practice, acts professionally, has high standards of cleanliness, and good people skills. If they don’t ask about your health history, this is a clue that they don’t have your best interest in mind. There are many times when a massage is not a good idea for a person and therapists are trained to know these times.

Finally, you just have to give them a try. Do they listen to you? Are they able to “listen” with their hands which often tell them how much pressure to use? Do they make appropriate adjustments when you ask for them? My therapist commented that he was giving barely any pressure at all on some points of mine that were screaming in painful joy about being listened to. I thought he’d gone in deep but thankfully he had not. That tells me just how much I needed the work. An inexperienced therapist might have gone right in digging deep and would have caused my body to guard instead of relax. Now some people like what I call torture which is not therapeutically effective in the long run. Fluff can be therapy when we need to relax. And fluff can be very effective in releasing taut muscles as well.

I found a wealth of information on the issue of finding a therapist from an article on massagetherapy.com. You can read it here. It’s very informative if you are interested in knowing more about this subject.

As for me and types of massage, I like a good therapeutic Swedish massage with a little bit of neuromuscular thrown in. I especially appreciate when the therapist is observant and intuitive enough to hold a spot that needs holding without my telling them to. And like today, I loved that he didn’t just move on when I showed my ticklish side. I can’t relax when I am guarding or hyper flexed because it tickles or hurts too much. Thankfully, he didn’t give in. He understood this was a sign I needed the work. He slowed down, gave my body time to adjust, and then eased his way in. Oh, the relief!! Another indicator this massage was good is that when I tried to get myself together, I had to go back in to my office no less than four times to retrieve items I forgot. Earth to Kelly, Earth to Kelly….come back now.

I was very lucky the first time I ever went for a massage. I got a woman who had learned her massage at the Davis Massage Therapy Institute in California. I loved, loved, and loved her massage. It got to be where I felt my body relax as I was driving to see her. She was intuitive and over time knew my body well. She had set the bar high for me. It is because of her and my desire to know more about the body for use with my Reiki practice that I took the same 100 hour training course at the Davis school to learn that thumbless massage. It got me off to a good start when I later went to a full-blown 730 hour school in Sarasota. To this day, I haven’t had a massage any better than hers, except for today’s of course. I hope I can make this a regular occurrence.

So, what is the best kind of massage for you?

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